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<br />EXECUTIVE SUMMARY <br /> <br /> <br /> <br />Port Authority Meeting Date: August 20th, 2019 <br /> <br />AGENDA ITEM: Xcel Certified Sites AGENDA SECTION: <br />Presentation <br />PREPARED BY: Eric Van Oss, Economic Development <br />Coordinator AGENDA NO. 4 <br />ATTACHMENTS: Map, Certified Site Brochures APPROVED BY: LJM <br />RECOMMENDED ACTION: Presentation <br /> <br />ISSUE <br />The City of Rosemount participated in Xcel Energy’s site certification process to aid in attracting <br />prospective developments. City staff, with the heavy lifting being done by City Planner, Anthony Nemcek, <br />worked with Xcel Energy to gather the appropriate information for the site certification process. Three (3) <br />sites were certified at the conclusion of the process. These certified sites, verified through a third-party <br />consultant, have gone through a complete certification assessment and are shovel ready for business park <br />and light industrial development. The sites include a 300 acre parcel at UMore Park, a 160 acre parcel <br />controlled by OPUS, and a 145 acre parcel located in the Rosemount Business Park. Fifty-two acres of the <br />existing Rosemount Business Park is also certified through the State of MN, DEED program as shovel <br />ready also. A map and Certified Site Brochures for each property are included for the Commission’s <br />information. <br /> <br />Morgan Hill and Jake Sedlacek of Xcel Energy will be in attendance Tuesday night to acknowledge <br />completion of the certification process and can answer any questions about the Xcel program. <br /> <br />RECOMMENDATION <br />Presentation